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MSPD Contracting: General Overview

The Missouri State Public Defender (MSPD) uses a private attorney contract program.

Attorneys wishing to be eligible to receive contract cases from MSPD may apply to be Panel Attorneys in one or more regions of the state. If qualified and accepted as a Panel Attorney, the attorney will be asked to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with MSPD setting out the expectations under which cases are assigned and accepted. Thereafter, the Case Contracting Administrator will begin assigning cases in accordance with the Memorandum.

Click on the following link for more information:

Panel Attorney Opportunities

Private Attorneys Seeking Litigation Expenses from MSPD on Private Cases

MSPD will consider covering some litigation expenses for indigent defendants where private counsel undertakes representation either as pro bono counsel or when directly appointed by order of the court pursuant to the Public Defender's Caseload Rule limiting the number of cases a district office can take in a given month. To see if your client is eligible for such litigation expenses, see the request form at the link below and, if qualified, return the form to MSPD Case Contracting as instructed on the form.

Click the following links for forms:

Private Attorney Request for Litigation Expenses (.docx)
Client Application for Services (.pdf)
Client application in Spanish (.pdf)

Contact MSPD Case Contracting

The Case Contracting team includes the staff members listed below, but please email only one Case Contracting email account or staff member at a time. The general Case Contracting email account listed above is preferred.

Danielle Corrado, Case Contracting Manager
Phone: 573-777-9977 Ext. 235

Sharon Carter, Contracts Assistant
Phone: 573-777-9977 Ext. 211