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Third-Year Law Students

MSPD encourages third-year law students to submit an Application for Employment prior to graduation from law school. We will begin consideration of bar candidates as early as 3-4 months prior to licensure for those who have the flexibility to work in a rural office.

MSPD offers newly licensed attorneys a great opportunity to immediately become a part of the local legal community. New attorneys receive excellent training and soon have their own caseload, handling cases from preliminary hearing to trial. Also, in rural jurisdictions, attorneys often know judges and court staff personally. Hands-on experience and job-specific training combine to provide invaluable legal skills that can be utilized in any future legal career path.

Working in Rural Missouri
Missouri waterfallMSPD’s rural jurisdictions have wonderful scenic views and endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, camping, canoeing, hunting, and fishing are just some of the activities available around the state. Missouri also has many conservation areas and state parks to take advantage of the available activities. Canoeing in MissouriVisit the Missouri Department of Economic Development website at for more information about what Missouri’s rural communities have to offer.


Photos provided courtesy of Missouri Division of Tourism