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Deputy District Defender

Salary: $5,794/month

Job Description: The Deputy District Defender is a management position reporting directly to the District Defender. The position is part of Missouri State Public Defender System management. An office with a sufficiently large number of employees may have a Deputy District Defender to help in all aspects of managing the district office with specific responsibilities to be determined by the District Defender based on the needs of the office.
The Deputy will assist the District Defender in communicating and implementing MSPD goals and policies and will assume all responsibilities of the District Defender when the District Defender is absent or unavailable. The Deputy will assist the District Defender in coaching, mentoring, reviewing, and supervising the performance of all employees in the office; in all administrative responsibilities; and in personnel matters. Based upon the needs of the office, the District Defender will determine the size of the caseload to be assigned to the Deputy, who will handle a serious and complex caseload in an exemplary manner.

Qualifications: Must be a member of the Missouri Bar or eligible for bar licensure in Missouri.