Assistant Public Defender

Assistant Public Defender

Salary: Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications.

  • APD I: $5,000/month (starting salary)
  • APD II: $5,417/month (eligible for consideration after 1 year of successful performance)
  • APD III: $6,036/month (eligible for consideration after 3 years of successful performance)
  • Senior Public Defender I-II: $6,834- $7,283/month (eligible for consideration after continued highly successful performance)

Job Description: Attorney is responsible for providing representation to indigent clients in all phases and types of criminal matters.

Duties to include pre-trial and trial preparation; litigating all aspects of the case through disposition at the trial court level; promoting and protecting the best interest of the client at all times; maintaining client contact by telephone, appointments, or institutional visits; keeping client apprised of investigations, negotiations, and court rulings; appearing at regularly scheduled court dockets and all appearances concerning assigned caseload; drafting motions and pleadings.

Qualifications: Must be a member of the Missouri Bar or eligible for bar licensure in Missouri.