How to Apply for Services

How to Apply for Services

If you are seeking representation, you must complete an application for Public Defender representation. You can apply through our online application for services here.

You can also submit a written application at the local office serving the county in which your case or charges are pending. You can download the paper Application for Services (pdf*) here. An application in Spanish (pdf*) is also available for download, as well as an application for children under 18 years old (pdf*).

Click here for a list of local offices and contacts. If you are in doubt about which office to call, please check the map of districts.

Please Note:

The Missouri State Public Defender Commission has established and enforces Guidelines for Determination of Indigence which can be found under Title 18 CSR 10-3.010. Only qualifying state charges are eligible for representation. If your case is a municipal violation, traffic violation, family court or civil court case, you are not eligible for services from the Missouri State Public Defender.

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