FAQs for Employment

Frequently Asked Questions for Employment

Q: What is the Missouri State Public Defender System?

A: MSPD is a separate department within the judicial branch of state government established under Chapter 600 RSMo. The department is responsible for providing legal representation to indigent clients accused of criminal offenses in the state of Missouri facing the possibility of incarceration. Legal services are provided to eligible persons in every jurisdiction within the state.

Q: How many people are employed by MSPD?

The Missouri State Public Defender System employs over 690 people.

Q: What types of positions are available?

Over 450 attorneys serve the three legal divisions of MSPD. Additionally, all local offices employ a legal support team that includes at least one legal assistant, investigator, and administrative assistant. A limited number of operation staff positions are available in human resources, accounting, information technology, and purchasing.

Q: How do I find out about vacancies?

  • View our current Vacancies on MoCareers
  • Call (573) 777-9977

Q: How do I apply for jobs?

Individuals interested in employment should apply online at mocareers.mo.gov.

A completed application must be received by the closing date of the position in order to be eligible for consideration. A resume alone is not sufficient for employment consideration but may be provided in addition to the application.

Q: How long is my application kept on file?

Applications remain active for 120 days from the date of the application. Prior to the expiration of the 120 days, you may request that your application continue to remain active for an additional 120 days. This may be done by contacting Human Resources at (573) 777-9977 or by emailing us at Human.Resources@mspd.mo.gov.

You may request that an inactive application be reactivated if the request is received within one year of the original date of your application. At the end of one year, applicants must complete a new application form.

Q: What happens after I submit an application?

Applicants will receive an email from MO Careers acknowledging receipt of their application form.

At the end of the job’s posting period, active applications received by the position closing date are eligible for consideration. Applicants selected for an interview are contacted by the hiring authority to schedule an interview.

Q: Who conducts the screening/selection process?

The hiring authority, which in most cases is the District Defender of the local office with the vacancy, conducts the screening and selection process.

Q: What is the timetable for this process?

MSPD makes every attempt to begin the screening/selection process in a timely fashion once the position has closed and applications are no longer accepted. We ask for your patience and cooperation as we attempt to fill vacancies as quickly as possible.

Q: Will I be contacted when a position I’ve applied for has been filled?

If you are interviewed for a position, you will be notified in writing by the hiring authority once the position has been filled. Due to the large number of applications received for position vacancies, we are unable to notify the entire applicant pool once a position has been filled.

Q: If I am a current State of Missouri employee who is transferring to the Missouri State Public Defender System, how many hours of my accrued leave time may transfer?

MSPD accepts the transfer of up to the equivalent of one year’s annual leave accrual. Thus, up to 120 hours will be accepted for a state employee with less than 10 years service, up to 144 hours for a state employee with less than 15 years service, and up to 168 hours for a state employee with over 15 years service.

An employee will be compensated for annual leave over the allowable amount up to established maximums per their department’s policy.

Q: How often are Missouri State Public Defender System employees paid?

Employees are paid semi-monthly on the 15th and last working day of each month.