Fees for Services

Fees for Services

By Missouri state law, the Public Defender must charge a fee for public defender services. Fees, listed in the Fee Schedule, are charged per case based on the fee schedule set by the Public Defender Commission.

A client cannot be denied a public defender because of inability to pay the fee. Your ability to pay the fee will not affect the quality of representation you receive.

When you apply for public defender services, the application will include our schedule of fees from which the fee you will be charged will be determined.

Either during the pendency of the case or at the end of the case, your public defender will provide you with a Public Defender Fee Assessment form advising you of your exact fee.

You are expected to make voluntary payments by a single payment or by installments of reasonable amounts, when you are financially able to meet all or some part of the costs of services provided by the Public Defender.

Your income tax refunds and lottery winnings can be intercepted by the State of Missouri to pay for public defender fees.

Payment Options

You can make payments using any of the following options. You will need to know the number(s) of the case(s) you are paying for:

  • By mail: Mail a personal check or money order payable to “Missouri State Public Defender System” to:Missouri State Public Defender
    P.O. Box 10282
    Columbia, MO 65205
  • If you are paying by mail and have the Public Defender Fee Assessment form, please include the payment stub found at the bottom of the form. However, even if you no longer have the Public Defender Fee Assessment form, you may still pay by mail.
  • Online: Use a credit card, debit card, or electronic bank draft. There is a convenience fee charged for this option. Visit Paying Online for more information.

Don’t Know Your Case Number?

You will need the case number(s) of the case(s) you are paying for. You can look up public case numbers by visiting https://www.courts.mo.gov/casenet or you can call the Public Defender at 1-573-777-9944.

Questions About Fees and Account Balances?

Please call 1-573-777-9944 if you have questions concerning public defender fees or client account balances.