How to Apply

How to Apply

Employment opportunities are posted for a minimum of two weeks. Interested individuals can view and apply for current vacancies through the Missouri State Public Defender Job Openings page on MoCareers.

Completed applications must be received in Human Resources by the position closing date to be eligible for consideration. A resume can be provided along with the completed job application but cannot be substituted for the required job application. Applicants will receive an email from Human Resources acknowledging receipt of their application form.

At the end of the job’s posting period, active applications received by the position closing date are eligible for consideration. Applicants selected for an interview are contacted by the hiring authority to schedule an interview.

Applications remain active for 120 days from the date on the application. Resumes, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc. may be included with your application. Prior to the expiration of the 120 days, you may request that your application continue to remain active for an additional 120 days. This may be done by contacting Human Resources at (573) 777-9977 or by emailing us at

You may request that an inactive application be reactivated if the request is received within one year of the original date of your application. At the end of one year, it is necessary for applicants to complete a new application form.

The Missouri State Public Defender System is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For assistance with any phase of the application process, please notify Human Resources at (573) 777-9977. If you are hearing or speech impaired, please use the Relay Missouri number, 1-800-735-2966.