FAQs for Clients

Frequently Asked Questions for Clients

Q: Can the Public Defender help me?

A: If your situation involves a state crime and you can’t hire a lawyer the Public Defender might be able to represent you.

If your legal problems do not involve a state criminal case the Public Defender can’t help you. The Public Defender can, however, represent indigent juveniles in delinquency proceedings.

The Missouri State Public Defender System cannot handle some cases:

  • No Municipal Court cases
  • No child custody cases
  • No divorces or dissolutions
  • No immigration or deportation cases
  • No landlord-tenant or rent cases
  • No civil cases involving money damages

Q: How do I apply to get a Public Defender?

A: You can access the Online Application for Services through our website. You can also submit a written Application for Services to the local office that serves the county in which the case or charges against you are pending. Any application must be completed by the person seeking representation. You can download the written Application for Services (.pdf) here. An Application in Spanish (.pdf) is also available.

The Map of Districts shows which counties our local offices serve. Please refer to the list of local Offices and Contacts for contact information. The clerk of the court in which your case is pending can also tell you how to get in touch with the local Public Defender office, and the sheriff’s office can often supply an application to confined individuals.

Q: How do I find out if I’m approved to have a Public Defender represent me?

A: A representative of our office will review your application and possibly request additional information. Based on this information, we will make a determination whether you are eligible for Public Defender representation. If the application is turned down, it is because the case is not a case we can handle or the applicant is not indigent according to the financial guidelines of the Missouri State Public Defender System.

If the application is denied, the determination of indigency can be appealed to the judge of the court in which the case is pending. The Public Defender office can tell you how to appeal the determination in your county.

Q: Will I have to pay for a Public Defender?

A: Yes. The law requires the Public Defender to seek repayment for the value and costs of representation in most cases, but payment is not required “up front” for the Public Defender to provide representation. The amount and manner of repayment will be explained as part of the application process. Generally, the Public Defender will seek reimbursement for the value of representation from a chart called the fee schedule.

Fees, listed in the Fee Schedule, are based on the type of case and the manner in which the case is resolved.

Q: How do I contact a Public Defender?

A: Addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of local Public Defender offices are available at Offices and Contacts. You can also access this information from the Map of Districts.

You can get the process started by completing the Online Application for Services or by downloading the Application for Services (pdf*) or the Application in Spanish (pdf*).

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