Juvenile Records

Juvenile Records

In Missouri, juvenile court records for misdemeanor offenses are generally kept private and confidential. However, juvenile court records for felony offenses are publicly accessible. This means anyone can see them and that they can appear in a background check.

If you have been adjudicated of a juvenile felony, you can request that the court seal your records.  RSMO 211.321.5   Sealing your records keeps them from public view and prevents them from showing up on most background checks.

The Missouri State Public Defender System may be able to help you with the records sealing process. To apply for this service, please complete and submit the two forms below:

1: An application for MSPD services
2: An application for juvenile records sealing (.pdf)

To learn more about juvenile court records, please visit NJDC

If you have questions or need assistance completing the required forms, please call 314-584-1200 or email district01@mspd.mo.gov.