Missouri State Public Defender
2021 Award Recipients


Defender of Distinction

David Wiegert
Assistant Public Defender
Kansas City Trial Office



Excellence Award

Lisa McGee
Support Services Coordinator




Office of the Year

Area 26
Lebanon Trial Office

Office staff include: District Defender Stacy Patterson, Deputy District Defender Sean Randall, Senior Public Defender Alex Reiter, Assistant Public Defender Zach Riedel, Assistant Public Defender Robert O’Connor, Assistant Public Defender Connor Diaz, Assistant Public Defender Melissa Bradley, Assistant Public Defender Sam Belezos, Legal Assistant Barbara Hicks, Legal Assistant Leslie Richins, Investigator Judy Mourer, Law Clerk, Lauren O’Donnell, and Administrative Assistant Elaine Roper.


David J. Dixon Appellate Advocacy Award

Damien de Loyola
District Defender
District 69 – Kansas City Appellate/PCR




Influential Appellate Advocate

Rosemary Percival
District Defender
District 52 – Kansas City Appellate/PCR




Lon O. Hocker Award

Brian Horneyer
Senior Public Defender
St. Louis City Trial Office



New Leader in Advocacy Award

Stacey Lannert
District Defender
Parole Revocation Defense Team



2020 Award Recipients


Defender of Distinction

Sarah Johnson
Director of Juvenile Defense and Policy
Children’s Defense Team





Excellence Award

Kelly Jackson
Appellate/PCR East A – St. Louis




Office of the Year

Area 37
West Plains Trial Office

Bethany Turner, District Defender; Sarah Bernard, Assistant Public Defender; Ezra Cahn, Assistant Public Defender; Thomas Flack, Assistant Public Defender; David Spears, Administrative Assistant; Valerie Bailey, Investigator; and Carol Young, Legal Assistant.


Director’s Award

Michael Barrett
Past Director



Defender of the 6th Amendment

Stinson LLP
Kansas City

Outstanding Contract Defender Award

Wally Trosen
Attorney at Law


2020 Lon O. Hocker Award

Erika Wurst
Deputy District Defender
St. Louis City Trial Office