A job application must be on file in Human Resources by the position closing date in order for employment consideration. A resume cannot be substituted for the completed job application. There are several ways to obtain an application for employment with the Missouri State Public Defender System:

Listed below are the job opportunities currently available with the Missouri Public Defender System.

For job descriptions and qualifications, click on the position title in the table below. This list is updated once a week, so it may not yet include vacancies that have been posted through other advertising sources. For information on job opportunities more recent than the last update, contact the Human Resources Office at (573) 777-9977.

PositionLocationClosing Date
Assistant Public DefenderVarious Rural OfficesContact HR for additional information
Assistant Public DefenderBolivarApplications accepted until position is filled
Assistant Public DefenderChillicotheApplications accepted until position is filled
Assistant Public DefenderLibertyApplications accepted until position is filled
Assistant Public DefenderPoplar BluffApplications accepted until position is filled
Assistant Public DefenderWest PlainsApplications accepted until position is filled
Technical and Administrative SpecialistColumbia Director's OfficeApplications accepted until Wed., Jun. 10
Last updated May 28, 2020

Our offices make a significant investment of time and effort to train new attorneys. In addition, our clients depend on continuity in the personal attorney/client relationship and require representation by an experienced attorney with specialized training. For these reasons, we expect attorneys to make a two-year commitment to both the Missouri State Public Defender System and the local office in which they are employed. During this two-year time period, an attorney is not eligible to apply for transfer to a different office within the Public Defender System. Fulfillment of the two-year commitment to the local office and the Public Defender is a factor in determining an attorney’s eligibility for reemployment.

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