MSPD offers many employment opportunities to law students for summer or clinical internships. We also offer a limited number of volunteer positions to undergraduates interested in pursuing a legal career.

The opportunity for real-world experience and exposure to the practice of criminal law is invaluable. Many students have said they learned more about the actual practice of law during an MSPD summer internship than they did during their first, second, or even third year of law school!

We participate in on-campus interviews at all in-state law schools and many law schools in states surrounding Missouri. Generally, on-campus interviews are conducted in the spring semester. We encourage students to meet with our recruiters during on campus interviews when possible but also welcome applications from students attending law schools where on-campus interviews are not conducted.

MSPD has limited volunteer opportunities in select areas of the state for undergraduate students in the field of criminal justice, social work, psychology, and related fields of study.

Students work for MSPD in many capacities including:

  • summer positions
  • fall or spring internships
  • positions for school credit
  • positions through school clinical and practicum programs

MSPD is willing to work with institutions of higher learning to ensure that student interns receive school credit for their work with MSPD.

MSPD offers students the opportunity to provide meaningful help to those with the greatest needs. You will have direct contact with clients and significant responsibility for helping attorneys protect the liberty and lives of citizens. You will also receive training from some of the best and most experienced criminal defense attorneys in the country. Interns may work in the Trial Division, the Capital Litigation Division, or the Appellate/Post-Conviction Division.

Undergraduate students and out of state law students should submit a resumé to Human Resources ( to apply for an internship.

Here’s what some MSPD interns have to say about their experience:

“Thank you so much for hiring me for the excellent program. I loved the program and all the new experiences. It was all over-the-top wonderful!”

“Through this experience, I have formed great respect and admiration for the work of the Public Defender System.”

“I think this is an excellent program. I learned a lot of practical things about how the criminal justice system really works. The ‘hands on’ style is excellent. It was a great experience to get so involved and to actually be an active part in every step of a client’s representation.”

“Rather than sitting in a classroom, this internship allows me to have first-hand experience with every aspect of the legal community. I truly am learning in the best way possible.”

“The attorneys and staff are great. Every effort is made to include and incorporate the interns. A fantastic experience!”

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