District Office of the Year

District Office of the Year – Kansas City Trial

The Kansas City Trial Office is united in heart and fight. This year has brought plenty of both. The office has brought the fight by trying an average of one case per week and by beating the state’s offer more often than not. Through legal action the office is standing up to and fighting the caseload forced upon them.

The heart of the office is it’s commitment to clients. Staff and attorneys are united in making sure the office runs smoothly and clients are getting the representation they deserve. Attorneys and staff also put their hearts into making sure client’s needs are met in the most efficient and professional way possible. Our goal is to ensure every defendant we represent has a lawyer that isn’t so overloaded with cases that there is a substantial risk the representation of one or more clients will be materially limited by the lawyer’s responsibilities to another client. This is a fight our hearts will never quit.