Public Defender Response to Governor’s Appointment of New Commissioners

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Official Statement – For Immediate Release

August 26, 2016 (COLUMBIA, MO)

New Public Defender Commissioners

This statement is being released in response to the Governor’s appointment of three new members to the Public Defender Commission. If confirmed, this will be the first time in seven years that the Commission will be operating at full capacity. Until just two years ago, the Public Defender Commission had only two members.

“Missouri’s Public Defender System was not a high priority of the Governor’s office for quite some time. We are hoping that Governor Nixon’s renewed interest in the system, as illustrated by finally making these three appointments, will not end here,” said Riley Bock, Chair of the Public Defender Commission.

“We welcome the three new members to the Commission: Oliver Glenn Boyer, of Crystal City; Thomas W. Neer, of Defiance; and James J. Sievers, of Des Peres,” said Bock. “This also results in the end of Commissioner Doug Copeland’s service on the commission. Doug was our longest serving member, and, of course, we will miss his experience.”

Michael Barrett, Director of MSPD added: “We welcome new perspectives as we continue efforts to make sure that the right to counsel remains guaranteed to indigent persons who are charged with a criminal offense.”

The other members of the commission are Charles Jackson, of Fulton; Craig Chval, of Columbia; and Christa Hogan, of Springfield.

Missouri Public Defender Commission
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